how to bookmark a page in safari Like any web browser, you can bookmark web pages you want to return to using Safari on your iPhone. Once bookmarked, you can find these saved pages by tapping the Bookmark button at the bottom of the Safari screen. Start the Safari app and open a web page that you want to bookmark. Tap the Share button the square with an arrow. Use the Add Bookmark button to save bookmarks in Safari on your iPhone.

how to make a desk out of a bookshelf All four of my sons share a room with one brother — so their space is at a premium. When my 13 year old declared he needed a desk for homework and his hobbies, I knew that the only place it could go was in the spot that currently houses their bookshelf. So I went looking for how to build a desk with bookshelves …. I found some super creative ideas — including tutorials for how to build a desk using cheap store-bought bookshelves or file cabinets — to some genius organizing desks using the Closetmaid Cubeicals , to some really impressive ones like this HUGE and awesome Craft Room desk — big enough for cutting patterns and sewing, etc….

how do i sync chrome bookmarks When you sign into your Google account on one device, you can sync your Chrome bookmarks, across all of your devices. All you have to do is log in using the same Gmail address. The default option when you turn on this functionality is to sync everything, which includes:. You can choose to sync just Chrome bookmarks if you like. At the top right, click the More menu three vertical dots and select Settings.

how to add doors to a bookcase This week I spend a lot of time giving new life to an old, dark, outdated bookcase. We got this bookcase a few years ago, and although it has been extremely functional, it completely lacked visual appeal. Fortunately, it was really sturdy and provided a great base to work with to create something sort of new. Here it is: dark wood grain , chipped veneer, sticker remnants and all.

notebook without lines national bookstore Product National Bookstore offers a wide range of products from the retail sale and distribution of books to the sale of various school supplies. However, the customers of National Bookstore are not limited to just students and office workers. The company also caters to kids through the sale of toys, coloring books, crayons and et cetera. Adults are also customers of National Bookstore since they avail of the various selections of books that National has to offer. Students and other consumers as well know that National Bookstore offers products of good quality and of affordable prices that are of great benefit to the consumers..

dali mentor 1 bookshelf speakers Please register and log-in to see an overview of items you are bidding on. Quantity Available: 1. To view similar items click here. Because DALI carefully matches drivers with low mass and rigid cones with low-loss crossovers with ideal impedance characteristics, MENTOR 1 does not demand a lot of current in order to play well. In addition to stand or shelf mounting, a dedicated bracket is available for easy wall mounting.

what is a bookmaker in gambling One of the fundamental, appealing aspects of sports betting is that it's possible to consistently make a profit. You need to know what you are doing and apply the right strategies, but it can be done. However, most bettors lose money in the long run.

a novelty clock has a Our first clock was a time teacher clock. This came about after not being able to really find anything suitable to help teach our son to tell the time and being able to make the connection between digital and analogue. In the end I had resorted to drawing pictures.